Church History Timeline

1839 On February 16, a small group of courageous and dedicated Christians from the Forks of the Brandywine Presbyterian Church left to build a "Meeting House" closer to their homes in Glen Moore. That summer a cornerstone containing a Bible, hymnbook, papers, and silver coins was laid on the ground donated by James Todd.

(first picture of new Church)

1840 The first Church was dedicated on New Year's Day, and in May a 28-year-old Irishman named Rev. Alexander Porter was installed as the first pastor. There were twenty church members.

1843 William McCarer became the Church's second pastor at an annual salary of $450. "He was a good, sound, judicious preacher and did not depend on sensationalism to attract and beguile his audience." The first manse was built in Glen Moore.

1850 Beriah B. Hotchkin, son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers, became the third pastor. He was associate editor of the "American Presbyterian" and completed a collection of hymns for use by the soldiers of the Civil War.

1860 David C. Meeker pastored during the difficult days of the Civil War. He was the son of an elder at the Forks of the Brandywine Church.

1870 Our Church officially became Fairview Presbyterian Church. Our pastor, A. Nelson Hollifield, left the Methodist Church and came North after the War. During his eight years the new Church was built, and his salary was raised from $800 to $1,100.

1871 Our new Church was built using materials from the original building. Total cost of the Church was $12,287. John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia merchant, gave us the large steeple bell we still use today.

Fairview's sixth pastor from 1876 to 1883 was William Boyd, Jr., who wrote a history of the Church and also published the "Fairview Monthly Messenger."

1883-1889 William Breed.

1890-1892 William Allen.

1893-1896 Alfred F. Lott.

1897-1899 Charles E. Gubler.

1900-1903 Cordie J. Culp.

The Twentieth Century

1900 Pew rent was discontinued. Today's envelope stewardship system was begun.

1903 On January 7th the Communion Set with individual glasses was used for the first time.

1904 Dean N. Dobson became the twelfth pastor.

1905 The old, closed-style pews were replaced with "modern" ones. Red carpet was installed.

1907 There were now 201 active members and 25 on the reserve roll. Twenty-six people joined the Church in the last year.

1908-1915 Eugene Von Note, Pastor.

1917-1919 David I Schaeffer, Pastor.

1913 This year the stained glass window was installed behind the pulpit and the stone posts and front gates were added. Both were gifts.

1920 The Trustees purchased a Model T Ford for the Pastor's use. Elisha Safford became the Church's fifteenth minister.

1924 David R. Stewart became the Church's longest-serving pastor. He ministered to our Congregation through the Great Depression, World War II and until moving to Wyoming in 1951.

1927-28 The old, sagging steeple was removed and replaced by a block tower. Memorial stained glass windows were added, and the interior was renovated.

1938 Several thousand people filled the grounds at Fairview on September 3 for the Octorara Historical Society Festival. There were antique vehicles, a parade of ancient costumes, orchestra and chorus and, of course, great food!

1939 Our Centennial Year The electric organ and memorial Baptismal Font were dedicated this year.

1947 Once again, Fairview hosted the Octorara Historical Society Summer Festival with its parades, costumes, music, food, and fellowship.

1951 Sadly, our family said farewell to Rev. Stewart after twenty-seven years at Fairview.

1952 Quite an exciting year for our family. Eighty-six people belonged to Sunday School classes, and the Steak Supper was a financial and social success. On October 7th, the Church was badly damaged by a fire.

1953 On April 10, 1953 Robert E. Rea was ordained to the Christian Ministry and installed as the seventeenth pastor of Fairview. On May 31 the Rededication Service was the fulfillment of the dreams and prayers of our family.

1958 The Church tower was removed and replaced by a new belfry and steeple with a Celtic Cross. Memorial trees were planted in the cemetery and front lawn. Fairview MenŐs Chapter received its charter.

1960 David S. Johnson, the second member of our congregation to enter the ministry, was ordained at Fairview. Leonard B. Bjorkman became our eighteenth pastor and remained during the entire troubled period of the sixties with its civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.

1965 In June, the Christian Education wing was dedicated. The addition was completed at a cost of $73,000. Rev. Stewart returned from Wyoming for the service.

1969 Erwin Warren Zinger came from Philadelphia to become our nineteenth pastor. He is remembered as an eloquent speaker.

1975 Willard D. Petrie came from large churches in York and Philadelphia to become the twentieth pastor of our little country church. He is now retired and living in Lancaster County.

1988 Ronald B. Fritts became our twenty-first pastor. Before coming to Glen Moore, he organized a new church in Lancaster. He has been the leading figure in the re-birth of Fairview Church, and the congregation increased dramatically during his stay. Rev. Fritts left Fairview to take the position of Senior Pastor of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

1999 Early in the year, Rev. Dave Wilson was installed as our 22d pastor,  only the seventh in the past 80 years.  Pastor Wilson strengthened the leadership of the church and laid the foundation for future growth.  A Discovery Team formulated a Vision Statement in looking toward the rapid development of the area.  After five years of ministry, Dave Wilson felt the call of God to minister in a smaller interracial congregation in an urban setting.

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